What are you looking at? Optical vs Digital Zoom

When selecting a camera, it’s important to consider the scene the camera will be observing and what performance characteristics are expected from the CCTV cameras. Some folks ask for a very wide angle lens so that they can see as much as possible from one camera. That’s great, but if the expectation is also to read license plates or identify a person’s face from 100′, then we’ll need to consider optical vs digital zoom.

Installing Updated Safety Solutions for American Direct

From minor upgrades to major installations, companies rely on AAI for consultation on the features and benefits of products & services. AAI worked with American Direct to ensure their project stayed on schedule and budget. Among other cameras, they needed an additional PTZ camera installed on their roof and integrated into their existing access control system allowing them improved situational awareness of their facility.

Midwest Digital Systems Is Now American Access & Integration Systems!

The security industry is changing and we’re evolving to provide you a total security solution for your facilities. Midwest Digital Systems is now American Access & Integrations Systems. Our all-in-one security system integrates with intercoms, video, intrusion, elevator dispatch, and visitor control to provide you a customized and adaptable total access system.