Complete Security Solutions For Campus Administrators

Campus administrators must continuously correlate institutional growth objectives to student and employee health which influence every decision they make.   Below are eight points in which these two areas of consideration demonstrate the need for a complete access control solution.  Financial Educational organizations are facing more financial challenges this year than ever. Concerns about unbudgeted financial…

Security Strategies for K12

Every school campus should be a protected space dedicated to learning and development. Never has it been more important for school administrators to integrate school security with their business and educational strategies.  A complete security solution incorporates video surveillance and access control combined with physical security and school policies which can greatly mitigate the risks…

Integrated Campus Security Solutions

AAI understands the challenges faced by educational institutions looking to enhance the safety and security of their campus.  Our systems integrate security and safety access, point of sale access (for meal plan purchases or store purchases), and even record access, enabling us to build a scalable integrated system specifically designed for your campus.  AAI’s dedicated…

What are you looking at? Optical vs Digital Zoom

When selecting a camera, it’s important to consider the scene the camera will be observing and what performance characteristics are expected from the CCTV cameras. Some folks ask for a very wide angle lens so that they can see as much as possible from one camera. That’s great, but if the expectation is also to read license plates or identify a person’s face from 100′, then we’ll need to consider optical vs digital zoom.

Midwest Digital Systems Is Now American Access & Integration Systems!

The security industry is changing and we’re evolving to provide you a total security solution for your facilities. Midwest Digital Systems is now American Access & Integrations Systems. Our all-in-one security system integrates with intercoms, video, intrusion, elevator dispatch, and visitor control to provide you a customized and adaptable total access system.